“First off, I want to thank you for putting Melissa Burton on our team. She has been so helpful and compassionate during these last few months. I know she is new to your company and I think you chose wisely as she has been the caring support that we needed. Finally, THANK YOU. I didn’t know how much I needed your services and I only wish that I had engaged you earlier! Please let me know if I can be a reference for potential clients or help you in your efforts in any way.”

— Emily Wendell (client’s daughter)

“Just confirming and affirming what you already know…your staff is just WONDERMOUS!! Seriously!! I don’t want to try and imagine life today without their expertise…and genuineness in everything they do!! Thank you!! Thank you!!, for being such a dynamic leader of such a needed service!!”

— Lisa Taylor (client’s daughter-in-law)

“I want to thank all of you for the excellent care delivered to Frank and Teresa. Your organization helped greatly to extend to Frank an opportunity for him to stay home during his long and extended illness as well as to provide to him and Teresa a higher quality of life during his time with us on earth. Your organization provides a unique service that is so greatly needed. You are able to do this, in my opinion, because 1) You are professionals whom are good at what you do; you are very knowledgeable of the ins-and-outs of the health care industry and you convey this knowledge to the benefit of your clients; 2) you are good communicators who take the time to explain critical health-care issues to your clients; 3) you are an advocate for your client in representing them before other health-care providers thereby insuring that your client is properly cared for in an effective and efficient way; and, 4) you develop a trusting relationship with your client that easily shows your true sincerity and compassion in serving your client. All of us in the family benefited greatly by your combined services. You are a strong, excellent caring team and we appreciate you.”

— Jim Downing (nephew of client)

“Thank you so much for the DETAILED report! The service that Life-Links provides is awesome, but the employees are the meat of the work. We are SO grateful for your advocacy and assertiveness! Small steps at the assisted living facility, but great rewards for Dad who has been on the brink of LTC for months.”

— Beth Massey (client’s daughter)

“LifeLinks is just what the name implies…. linking the needs of lives in our community. It is where life is valued, honored and celebrated by all who are affiliated, and we were blessed beneficiaries by the respect and sweet care we received. With great confidence and enthusiasm, our family recommends Life-Links to anyone searching for help in caring for themselves or their loved ones.”

— Sherri Clark (sister of client)

“You have made a very difficult situation bearable for me, and provided comfort and companionship to my father. In our mobile society, the service you offer is essential. The compassion and consideration with which you provide that service is admirable.”

— H.R. Hemstreet, CAPT, CEC, USN, (client’s son)

“My husband and I are delighted to sing the praises of Life-Links and its staff. They have provided many valuable services to help care for my elderly mother. Since we live in a different state, these particular services have provided much continuity and convenience to her life, and peace of mind to ours.

These services are specialized for Mom’s needs which are not provided by regular care facilities, such as special outings (complete with photographs), medical follow-ups with comprehensive reports and other services needed by my mother. These might include diaper, alarm necklace and walker training, shopping trips, movies, even emergency room accompaniment on weekends if needed.

Staff is chosen according to expertise in senior care as well as counseling skills. Family members are regularly included in meetings, reports, phone calls and emails. These periodic reports are professionally written and emailed to us with a protected code number for confidentiality.

Once Life-Links came on board, we breathed a sigh of relief because Mom was assigned a regular “friend” who arranged visits and who was available if my mother just wanted to call. Sometimes we’re contacted for permission to try new ideas, and we are encouraged to call Staff if we have questions or suggestions. We so appreciate our ongoing relationship with the Life-Links staff, feel the expense is well worth the service, and would not hesitate to recommend this caring organization to anyone who needs this type of service.”

— Randy and Bill Baskerville (daughter and son-in-law of client)

“No adult is prepared for the time when they have to become a parent to their parent…it is emotional, confusing and can be overwhelming. When both of my parents declined and required care at the same time, I was lucky enough to be referred to Life Links. They helped me and my family find the right path to keeping my parents as happy and healthy as possible. From giving experienced advice and assistance with doctors and assisted living centers, to helping keep the mounting health/meds records and paperwork in order. Their professional care and compassion has supported me and my family in the most loving way and I can’t imagine were we would be without LifeLinks!”

— Mary Dams (daughter of client)

“Your services have been wonderful! They have helped us all to make some recent important decisions. We, the children, would have no idea how to find the best and correct information on these items without you.”

— Sharon Shaub, RN (client’s daughter)

“LifeLinks was an invaluable source of support for our family in making decisions about our mother. Both my brother and I live in other states and the guidance and assistance we received were invaluable. Life-Links helped us to take make decisions that were best for our mother and kept us informed about her doctors, etc. We couldn’t have managed without them.”

— Carol Field (client’s daughter)

“Once again, you’ve proven to be the dearest person this family has known. Having you at Dad’s side until one of us could get there was so reassuring. I can’t thank you enough for being there, as well as lavishing us with food, flowers, and love. You are such an important part of this family and have gone beyond the bounds of duty with your compassion.
You were the one person who hung in there with Mom the whole time. The best psychiatrist in Raleigh threw up their hands and you just kept working with her through the worst of it. We would have been at a loss without you.

We hope you’ll be able to spend whatever time is necessary with Dad during this transition time for him and help him ease into this new phase in his life.

You are such a special person and we’re so lucky you came into our lives.”

“Thank you so much for all your time, understanding, compassion, and ideas! You have been such a big help to me, my Mom, and my family. I am so thankful we found you! I look forward to working with you gain in the future. Thank you for everything!!”

“Thank you so much for the excellent service you provided. I think your caption, “Providing Peace of Mind” is very appropriate. Mother & Daddy were both very pleased with the interview and counseling and all that was accomplished. Mother said she felt so much more relaxed about their future. It’s so comforting knowing that there is your competent and compassionate services waiting in the wings should they need some more advice in the future. David has already installed a long grab bar in their bathtub. Daddy is thrilled with it and wondered how he ever got along without it.

I’ve called all the telephone numbers you gave us and am having written info sent to us. By the way, the waiting list at Independence is now more like one year.. “a little more that one year for a two bedroom and a little less than one year for a one bedroom.” Also Mother & Daddy have re-contacted Whitaker Glenn to get on their waiting list (which now has grown to two years).

So, your coming and helping us think through options and come up with practical suggestions worked out beautifully. Right after you left, Mother called two of her friends and told them about your service.”

“Thank you so much for the helpful advice + information provided in regards to long-term care options for my family. I’m so glad I found your company, and have expert guidance to help me make these important decisions in the future.”