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We believe that information is the first step in finding a solution. That’s why we offer free resources like our newsletter, blog, and downloadable PDF guides here on our website, available to everyone. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we invite you to call us for the help you need.

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Gretchen Napier, LifeLinks Owner, and the staff of LifeLinks share information and resources for aging seniors and their families on their Blog.  Click here to check out their posts and add this to your resource toolbox. To get blog updates straight to your inbox, enter your email address and subscribe below.

Case Studies

You don’t have to take our word on how our services can bring supportive change to your family. Hear from others on how LifeLinks came alongside them and their loved ones.

Randy & Jane’s Story    Mary Ann & Roy’s Story

Informative Guides

Whether you live in the same city or states apart, caring for your aging parent is hard and we are here to help.  View our downloadable guides by clicking the link below.

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You are not alone.  You may have the same questions our clients have had.  Read our Frequently Asked Questions and please contact us for any additional information in our Nashville, TN office 615-595-8929 or our Raleigh, NC office at 919-781-5979.  

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