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Managing Someone’s Health Can Have You Running in Circles.


These Circles Will Help.


Call and tell us about your situation and what will make life easier.
We’re sure to give you helpful solutions and an easy way to start.

Nothing can free your mind like a free consultation. By meeting with us face-to-face we can go into depth about your specific needs and wishes. We can share the many ways LifeLinks has helped others and we can begin to map out your customized game plan. Of course, if you are out of town or in an emergency situation, we’re happy to consult with you over the phone.

One of our healthcare professionals will come to meet with your loved one and assess physical, mental and emotional situations. Is your loved one capable of living at home? Can they still drive safely? Are they taking their medications correctly? This in-depth assessment will allow us to know exactly what is needed now and in the future.

This is where it all comes together and we put the plan into action. We go from “paper to practice” and implement the outline we’ve created together. Of course, all the while we’re looking for ways to improve. This plan is revisited and revised regulary and accessible through our CareTree portal. Remember, flexibility is a virtue at LifeLinks.

Free Consultation

If you are ready for your free consultation, contact us to get started on your custom care plan today.

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Avoid Mistakes, Save Time and Money

We all worry about cost when it comes to caring for a loved one. Your first inclination may be to provide assistance yourself, but few have the depth of training and resources to make complicated healthcare decisions. LifeLinks can save you time and money by helping you to avoid costly mistakes.

These mistakes can cost you thousands:

  • Moving into the wrong senior living community, only to need to move again.
  • Hiring poorly screened caregivers who steal from or manipulate your loved one.
  • Getting denied insurance policies or benefits your loved one is due because of errors in complicated paperwork and requirements.

Don’t underestimate the time you spend:

  • Taking off work to attend doctor appointments.
  • Coordinating medications between the pharmacy, insurance company, and doctor’s office.
  • Missing work or childcare duties because unreliable caregivers don’t show up.
  • Thinking and worrying about details of caregiving instead of enjoying time with your loved one.