Care Manager Services

What LifeLinks Can Do For You

We’re not a sitter service, an assisted living facility, or a caregiver–although we can connect families with those services. A LifeLinks Aging Life Care Specialist is like a quarterback, leading your Care Team to the right strategy, and the right result. Here are just some of the ways we serve you.


  Health and Disability

From physical problems to mental health and dementia-related issues, LifeLinks Aging Life Care TM Specialists interact with the healthcare system effectively and frequently on your behalf. Our staff attend doctor’s appointments and facilitate communication between doctor, client and family. We are your conduit to helping your family determine services, including home health and hospice, that are right for the older adult.  Then we assist in engaging and monitoring those services.

Whether it’s screening for eligibility for veterans benefits, or state and federal entitlements, or it’s reviewing your Long Term Care insurance policy to see what it requires to activate, we help you maximize all the benefits you’ve paid for and earned. Once we’ve screened for eligibility, we can also help you complete the forms and be with you during the interviews and assessments, making sure you dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s.


The housing available these days can be overwhelming and time consuming to research. We help clients and families evaluate and select appropriate levels of housing or residential options. Our recommendations are based on years of inside experience. It is not just the friendliness of the salesperson or the beauty of the curtains or chandeliers, but the quality of leadership, competence of the clinical staff, tastiness of the food, variety of activity programming and loving kindness of the hands-on care staff.


LifeLinks Care Managers help families adjust, cope and problem-solve in these situations. LifeLinks Counselors go even further with traditional counseling in our office or your home.

   Local Resources

Odds are pretty good we know the local resources of the community better than just about anyone. We are knowledgeable in what is offered and how best to access service. Consider the red tape officially cut.



The Aging Life CareTM Specialists at LifeLinks are strong and effective advocates for our clients and their families. Our job is to stay focused on the best interest of the aging adult, while keeping everyone’s wishes in consideration. We’re more than your voice. We’re your voice of reason.


We have connections with the best elder law and estate planning attorneys in town for advising and drawing up important documents such as a Will, Advance Directives and retirement planning.  We can also serve as your Power of Attorney for Healthcare Decisions or Health Care Agent.  If you are permanently or temporarily unable to make decisions, we can advocate for the decisions you would have chosen. Should you find that someone you love needs a Guardian or Conservator, we can serve in that capacity, too.

  Crisis Intervention

In times of crisis, LifeLinks can be your lifeline. We offer crisis intervention to help navigate emergency departments, hospitalizations and rehabilitation to ensure that adequate care is delivered. This becomes especially valuable for families living at a distance and whose loved one lives independently and need a 24/7 emergency contact. We’re your first responders.


Your loved one’s self-esteem may take a hit with the complications of aging. We can help arrange for counseling for your loved one – or for you – either in our offices or at home. We also host and co-facilitate a number of different support groups for those dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia.