Health Habits for a Healthy Brain

By: Tiffany Cloud-Mann, M.Ed.


Your One and Only Brain

Your health is priceless. As I am getting older, I realize this more and more. I didn’t think too much about it in my 20’s, but mid 30’s, it’s moving to the front of mind. If health is on your mind regularly or sporadically, you probably think most about your physical health. Your weight, your heart and muscle groups may be what your thoughts surround. We focus a lot more on everything below the neck. But, have you ever truly admitted to yourself that everything you do below the neck, at some point could affect everything above the neck? Your BRAIN.

After working for 8 years in the Alzheimer’s field, I have seen how horrible it is to be robbed of the precious things your brain holds. Your unique personality, amazing skills, fascinating hobbies and your most precious memories. I must remind my two boys that we always wear helmets when we ride our bikes. Our brains are precious, you only get one and we must protect it.

Your Brain Needs Love Too

Time is also precious and although we want to try our best to protect our brains from day one, when soft spots and baby fuzz are present, we must always encourage that it is never too late to invest in your brain. It will pay off. The Alzheimer’s Association has some great science-based information regarding brain health, getting it and keep it. It all boils down to the things you have probably heard most of your life about healthy living: participate in regular physical activity, stay socially engaged and maintain good heart health. The Alzheimer’s Association names 10 to dos to maintain your brain. If you can examine all 10 and how you are doing, that’s best. But, if you feel like you have some work to do in each area, and it seems a little overwhelming, just tackle them one by one. Doing something is better than doing nothing. You can read more about them through the Alzheimer’s Association website. But here are 10 ways to love your brain:


10 ways





Care Managers – We Care About Your Brain

As Care Managers we also think about brain health and our clients. What are they needing in their lives to restore quality of life and ultimate physical, emotional and cognitive health? This may look like the Care Manager helping to assess for and coordinate physical therapy or educating the family on the different types of community living that could help meet the client’s need for more social interaction. As well, any time we are with our clients we assess their overall health, how they are feeling, is anything hurting, we take a look at their environment to ensure safety and that they are getting their needs met, we also act as a support and provide engagement. We ask about their sleep, appetite, medication changes, mobility and behaviors when we see them or their caregivers. Identifying areas of need or improvement is not only for their physical health, but much for their brain health too. If you would like to learn more about our care management and advocacy services, call today. The initial assessment is free. Your brain will thank you!



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