National Healthcare Decisions Day – April 16th

National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) is about empowering everyone across America to take control of their healthcare. LifeLinks is joining the celebration to inspire people and healthcare providers about advanced healthcare planning and its importance.

The video below explains why advance healthcare planning matters for every one of us. Consider your own healthcare needs and the needs of the ones you love.

Make April 16th a Day of Decisions

1. Ask tough questions to loved ones and yourself about end of life care. Make is a conversation. This will be a relief to both yourself and your loved ones.

2. Consider filling out an advanced directive. An advanced directive is a legal document which allows one to spell out their requests about care at the end of their life when they are no longer able to communicate themselves. This lets family, friends, and care providers understand your wishes and avoids what can sometimes be a confusing and stressful situation.

Below are downloads of both Tennessee and North Carolina Advanced Directives, made available from Lifecare Directives. 

Tennessee Advanced Directive
North Carolina Advanced Directive

If you need help having these conversations with loved ones or want to learn more about how to plan for future healthcare, please reach out to our team of care managers here at LifeLinks.

NHDD Speak Up Video from NHDD on Vimeo.