What Does LifeLinks Believe In?


In this day and age, it’s not that unusual to personify corporate entities. For example, people might describe companies like Apple or Amazon as “slick”. Companies like Google might be labeled as “fresh” or “forward-thinking”. I think these kind of personifications and descriptions come from what those companies believe in, or what they identify themselves with. How would I want someone to personify or describe LifeLinks? Well, I think that question can be answered by talking about our company beliefs.


1. The Client Comes First

Everything that we do, from care managers, to leadership, to our onboarding team, has to put the client first. It’s true of every business, but especially of our business, that clients are the only reason why said business can exist. In our business, clients are aging loved ones whose families are looking for quality care. What does that mean? That means that quality care is our priority. If we are doing our job well, our clients’ quality of life is being improved.

2. Transforming the Aging Process

There is a lot of misinformation and negative connotation associated with the aging process. LifeLinks believes in transforming the aging process from one of fear, anxiety, and institutionalization, to one of confidence, good memories, and reconciliation. There’s no doubt that aging can be hard; however, there’s also no doubt that aging can be a wonderful experience if approached with the right attitude. It’s LifeLinks’ responsibility to positively affect the aging parent’s attitude, and their families attitude towards aging. This can be done in a variety of ways, but it boils down to providing solutions for any kind of obstacle.

3.  Taking Care of the Whole Person

Another core belief of LifeLinks is providing holistic care for all of our clients. What does this mean? It means taking the whole person into account when deciding how to care for them. We think this is a main differentiator of LifeLinks, in comparison with other geriatric care services. Aging care shouldn’t be as simple as managing and administering the right medication, and monitoring hygiene. Our care managers take emotional, physical, social, and spiritual health into account.

4. Competent and Intelligent Care

Lastly, it’s critical that every member of our team takes an intelligent and competent approach to their role within the company. This is especially true with our care managers, who mix an in depth formal education with an abundance of real care managing experience to help families dealing with issues for the first time. Our care managers need to inspire confidence and security within the hearts and minds of our clients and their families, which is more easily done when solutions are given with empirical evidence to support them.


So what adjectives would I want people to use when describing LifeLinks? I’d love for our company beliefs to inspire people to label LifeLinks as an empathetic, compassionate, holistic, and intelligent geriatric care provider. As CEO, my goal is to inspire our care managers, salespeople, and marketers to be all of those things. We may never be described as “slick”, or “fresh”, but I’d much rather be empathetic, compassionate, and holistic, than anything else.


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